Last Queer Frontier is Alaska’s newest reality show podcast, a platform showcasing voices of the LGBT, POC, Alaska Natives and Allies of Alaska. Connecting ideas, experiences and perspectives across the spectrum,  #LQF is a safe space where the community can feel welcome to come on and guest host for a show.  To not only talk with us, but also to come and learn with us and push the frontiers of our knowledge and understanding. Join us for our Bi-Monthly Conversations on Alaska, Spirituality, Intersectionality, Politics, Feminism, Family and so much more… Recorded at The Raven in Anchorage, Ak. with members of the local LGBT community. The Raven is the Oldest Single Owner Gay Bar in the North Pacific. Last Queer Frontier is Produced by The QueerMinded Radio Network ♡

Latest Shows:

Northern Exposure: Alaska's Only BDSM & Sex Ed Conference w/ Last Queer Frontier

    We are joined by THREE GENERATIONS of Ms Alaska Leather: Sarha, Renee, & Alaska Gemini for a fun-filled kinky show about Northern Exposure, which is Alaska’s only BDSM and Sex Ed Conference. - As always, we kick off the show asking our guests what brought them to Alaska and what keeps them here.. This time things get a little sexier than our typical show though!! - Join us to find out what Northern Exposure is all about and some of the classes you can take part in if you attend Northern Exposure. - If you’ve ever been interested in attending a Play Party, but you’re not sure what it entails—listen up—because we are gonna cover it. - Of course we can’t have this many Ms Alaska Leather titleholders on the show without talking about the leather community and how it ties to The Last Frontier Men’s Club. - We also grabbed some really cool info on IMSL (International Ms Leather) from Sarha about the craziness of being nominated and running for that title. - The show wraps up finding out if each guests could provide us with one statement they could put out in the world to attack some of the preconceived notions that the general public has about the BDSM, leather, and kink communities.  

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Hanging w/ Granddad on Last Queer Frontier


  • -  This episode we have an Alaska-grown band  Granddad (they’re very serious about it being spelled correctly, so take note).
  • -  We talk about their backgrounds and experiences here in Alaska.
  • -  James and Daniel delve into the similarities and differences in the ska, emo, and punk scenes.
  • -  Of course it wouldn’t be the Last Queer Frontier if we didn’t ask some personal questions, and Daniel asks a juicy one, but I'm not telling—so you'll have to listen!
  • -  We also get the opportunity to discuss what the band plans to do in the future and what motivates them.

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Kink, Leather, and Bears, OH MY! The Last Frontier Men's Club w/ Last Queer Frontier

Tom interviewing Lube wrestling contestants.

Nicole dumping lube on a contestant!

Mr. Bear Alaska & Ms. Alaska Leather

We’re joined by the President of The Last Frontier Men’s Club as well as the reigning Ms. Alaska Leather (Renee) and Mr. Bear Alaska (RJ)! As always, we kick off the show finding out what brought our guests to Alaska and what keeps them here.
  • Tonight is a funny, sexy, kinky show full of info about the Leather and Bear communities within the wider LGBTQ community as well as what TLFMC is all about!
  • LUBE WRESTLING AND GETTING DRUNK ON A SCHOOL BUS! We asked Tom about some of the events that TLFMC throws every year. You can see the schedule of events by following the club at TLFMC on Facebook.
  • We discuss ACAL (Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles), which we learn holds various classes on a multitude of “alternative” sexual lifestyles and related content.

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Art & Death Threats w/ UAA Professors Tom Chung & Enzina Marrari on Last Queer Frontier

On this edition of Last Queer Frontier, Enzina Marrari and Tom Chung tell us what brought them to Alaska and what they’re experiences here have been. Spoiler alert: Tom chose Alaska over making art with snake bones.

  • We discuss the EPIC painting by Tom that was featured in a UAA gallery and caused hella drama. Wait until you hear Tom read some of the postcards that were sent to him by some absolutely insane conservatives. Also, how he was interviewed by The Washington Post (who chose not to run his story), Breitbart News, and various other conservative media outlets.
  • Tom talks about some of the driving forces behind his painting as well as some of the animal symbolism he included within it.
  • Enzina and Tom tell us a little bit about the history of drama (not the Shakespeare kind) and controversy in the UAA Art Department. Both speak out about struggles they have gone through with students and struggles they have witnessed their students go through and explain what they hope comes of the situation the university is dealing with since Tom displayed his work.

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Assemblymen Felix Rivera & Chris Constant w/ Last Queer Frontier

On this episode of The Last Queer Frontier, we meet Assemblymen Felix Rivera and Christopher Constant and discuss what brought them to Anchorage, why they stayed, and what led them to run for the Anchorage Assembly.

  • Chris and Felix tell us what ordinances they are passionate about passing to change their respective districts and what they have accomplished in the week since they were sworn in.
  • Both candidates discuss how happy they are the LGBTQ community support, as well as support of the community at large, as well as happiness that they don’t feel that they have been reduced to that one LGBT aspect of who they are.
  • Chris and Felix talk about differences in party support that they received, as well as their different planned approaches to instituting more programs that involve community policing.

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