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Kasey was one of three teens featured in “Homestretch” a documentary film based in Chicago – Image screenshot of film website,


“Be proud of who you are,” Kasey said. “As long as you are proud of who you are no one can stop you.” Words of inspiration from one LGBTQ teen whose faced a world of adversity, and is now a part of an upcoming documentary on the PBS “Independent Lens” series.

Kasey (pictured in the image) is featured in the documentary “Homestretch”, which follows the lives of three Chicago teens dealing with homelessness and home insecurity. According to Will Thwaites, Associate Producer on the film, the filmmakers became interested in the idea of homelessness while working on another project in Chicago, where an estimated 20,000 youth and young adults are struggling with home insecurity.

“Kasey ended up being, really, the highlight of the film,” said Thwaites.

Take a listen to our interview with Kasey and Will and find out more about the movie, how Kasey liked working on “Homestretch” and enjoys her new found fame from the project, and what message they hope to send with the documentary. Plus, learn more about the misconceptions surrounding youth homelessness, and more of Kasey’s words of encouragement for LGBTQ youth who might be experiencing similar situations.

“Homestretch”, a co-production between Spargel Productions and Kartemquin Films,  airs this Monday, April 13 10/9c on your local PBS station.

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Snapshot of PIzza4Equality Webiste, via screencapture

Snapshot of PIzza4Equality Webiste, via screencapture

From pizzas for equality to freedom of choice for White House bathrooms, here’s a look at some of the queer news stories from around the country this week. Originally broadcast live Thursday, April 9, 2015 on QueerMinded.

From QueerMinded

Pizza Counter Campaign Encourages Donors To Support LGBTQ Homeless Youth

Last week we talked about the interview that went viral, where a pizza shop in Indiana said they would serve gay people in the restaurant, but not cater a gay wedding. One activist is reclaiming pizza for good and helping to raise money for True Colors Fund in support of their Forty to None campaign to prevent LGBTQ homelessness.

New Diverse Emoji, Same Sex Family Emoji All One Skin Tone

Apple released dozens of new Emoji this week, including same-sex couples and families, and people emojis of different skin tones. But not everyone feels represented.

From Advocate

White House Makes Strides In LGBTQ Employment Equality, LGBTQ Child Welfare

In a series of events over the week, including a response to a petition, the Obama Administration took some additional steps in the LGBTQ equality movement.  For the first time, the White House took a stance condemning the practices commonly known to as LGBT conversion therapy for use against minors. And, new policies for bathrooms for White House visitors and other information announced in an Op-Ed from the Advocate by Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett. Read more at Advocate

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The sun is brighter, the birds are chirping and everyone is coming out of their winter shells…why not ask some fun, intrusive and/or embarrassing questions about love, sex and dating live on the air? Seemed like a good idea to us.

Join co-hosts Orie and SaRea and their guests James and Bri for QueerMinded’s favorite take on the hit show 1 Girl, 5 Gays, Queers on the Mic. It’s 20 minutes of awkward queer hilarity you won’t want to miss, especially if you’ve had a few. Find out the panel’s thoughts on sexting and pic sharing, whether you have to wait to sleep with someone if you’re into them, and more.

We wanna know your answers to our questions, so play along from wherever you are and tweet us or facebook us your answers! We might share some on the air or online.

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  In this week’s double dose of this week’s Evening T co-hosts Orie & SaRea welcome James and Bri to the studio to chop it up about LGBTQ issues in news and culture. Indiana is…

Hello Queer World!

This month's Queers on the Mic panel

This month’s Queers on the Mic panel



This first week of April brings warm(er) weather, a double dose of Evening T and everyone’s favorite oversharing game Queers on the Mic. Joining us in the studio today are RealQueer panel member Bri and our newest QM team member James. James is handling marketing and outreach for QueerMinded, and he is also a fellow FortHayesian.

In this week’s Evening T co-hosts Orie and SaRea discuss the new details of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana. Also in Indiana one pizza shop is asserting their religious freedom by saying they wouldn’t serve their pizza at a same-sex wedding, and the internet responded promptly causing them to close their doors in fear with a nice bank account.

And find out the group’s thoughts on sexting, why we wait for sex when we care about someone and more in this month’s Queers on the Mic.

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Photo by zoonabar, creative commons

Photo by zoonabar, creative commons

One European nation takes the lead in Trans* and Intersex rights. And, a district in Tokyo starts registering same sex couples. Here are the stories making headlines around the queer world, as aired on QueerMinded World NewsBrief with Orie Givens and SaRea Surmon on 4/2/2015.

From Pink News

Tokyo’s “Shibuya” District First To Register Same Sex Couples in Japan

In an unprecedented step in Japan, same sex couples can now register their relationship in one area of the country’s capital. But it doesn’t come with many rights. Read more at Pink News

South African Man First to Receive Maternity Leave, Judge Rules

A South African Court ruled that a man who fathered a child via surrogate was entitled to the full legal leave given to mothers for maternity, after the employer denied the employee’s claim. Read more at Pink News

From Gay Star News

Australian Men Convicted in Gay Bashing Murder

Two men were convicted of the vicious murder of a gay man found having sex in Australia last month will be sentenced in April. Read more at Gay Star News 

Malta Legalizes Comprehensive Protections for Trans* & Intersex Citizen

The Maltese government has relaxed restrictions on requirements for gender reassignment surgery, including removing requirement for mental illness diagnosis or sterilization Read more at Gay Star News 

Catch QueerMinded World NewsBrief live during QueerMinded, 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m Pacific on Talktainment

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Photo from Transgriot taken at the first briefing on Trans* Women of Color at the White House.

Photo from Transgriot taken at the first briefing on Trans* Women of Color at the White House.

The Governor of Indiana signed corrections to the RFRA that don’t have everyone pleased. And, how did the White House mark the International Transgender Day of Visibility? Here is a look at the stories making headlines across Queer America this week, as covered in our QueerMinded National NewsBrief with Orie Givens and SaRea Surmon on April 4, 2015.

From Pink News

Indiana Governor Concedes To LGBTQ Pressures, Sort Of

Gov. Pence signed additions to the Indiana RFRA said to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in business and public accommodations. According to a Pink News report the lawmakers reached a compromise that includes languages stating that the law cannot be used to authorize a provider to refuse to offer or provide services, faculties and use of public accommodation or goods.” The Indiana ACLU said that LGBTQ people in Indiana need more protection from discrimination. Read more at Pink News

Kentucky Governor Says Gay Marriage Ban Doesn’t Discriminate Because It Applies to Straight People

Steve Beshear, the Governor of Kentucky compares prohibiting gay marriage to prohibiting interracial marriage, as argued by Virginia in the famous Loving v Virginia case. Read more at Pink News 

From Gay Star News

US Presbyterians Shunned By Church Coalition Over Same-Sex Marriage

One denomination of Christianity is facing backlash from the National Black Church Initiative Coalition over their support of same-sex marriage according to Gay Star News reports. The Coalition, which represents over 34,000 Black churches and 15 denominations, says that the Presbyterian Church is “effectively no longer Christian and has lost Christ’s saving grace.” Read more at Gay Star News

Trans Rights Org Plays Big April Fool’s Joke

In a tongue-in-cheek response to bathroom ban bills sprouting up around the nation, the National Center for Transgender Equality decided it would provide a unique solution in an April Fool’s day press release – fund a laboratory to create transgender people who don’t have to pee. Read more at Gay Star News

From QueerMinded

Trans* Women Of Color Tell White House Their Stories

Over 50 Trans* Women of Color leaders visited Washington DC for an historic White House Summit. The briefing, organized by the LGBTQ Task Force and the White House highlighted personal experiences from a diverse panel of Trans* women. who discussed issues related to hate crimes, intimate partner violence, immigration and more. Read more at Queer Minded 

Catch QueerMinded National NewsBrief live during QueerMinded, 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m Pacific on Talktainment

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