On this edition of Last Queer Frontier hosts Nathan & James invite Alaskan locals Tim & Carrie to The Raven to record a QueerMinded favorite, Queers on the Mic!  Because… why not ask some fun, intrusive and/or embarrassing questions about love, sex and dating and record it for a podcast? Seems like a great idea to us.

Click HERE to check out Tim lube wrestling for a charity event at Pride.  The footage was actually shot by Carrie almost 6 months ago, before they officially met each other at the recording of this show.  Yep, Anchorage is small.



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Brooklyn Pride is June 5-10, and the Queer State of Mind team is a proud partner of the week’s events, including our TWO live shows on June 9 and June 10. Brooklyn Pride co-chair Jamie Farnam joined us in our pre-show to give updates on the calendar of events, entertainment and nighttime parade.

We’re also joined by special guest co-host Jimmy Ramsey from AIDS Healthcare Foundation, our Brooklyn Pride presenting partner. The panel discusses the Kathy Griffin controversy, their pride festival memories and President Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the historic Paris Climate Accords.

This month, we are celebrating pride with a sample of pride hits and anthems from the ages. For the music mix, stream the mixcloud player below.

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On this edition of Last Queer Frontier, Enzina Marrari and Tom Chung tell us what brought them to Alaska and what they’re experiences here have been. Spoiler alert: Tom chose Alaska over making art with snake bones.

  • We discuss the EPIC painting by Tom that was featured in a UAA gallery and caused hella drama. Wait until you hear Tom read some of the postcards that were sent to him by some absolutely insane conservatives. Also, how he was interviewed by The Washington Post (who chose not to run his story), Breitbart News, and various other conservative media outlets.
  • Tom talks about some of the driving forces behind his painting as well as some of the animal symbolism he included within it.
  • Enzina and Tom tell us a little bit about the history of drama (not the Shakespeare kind) and controversy in the UAA Art Department. Both speak out about struggles they have gone through with students and struggles they have witnessed their students go through and explain what they hope comes of the situation the university is dealing with since Tom displayed his work.

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The girls go in a lot on this episode – from Trump to the Cover Boy, to Real O’Neal’s bisexual faux-pas getting called out by former Grey’s star Sara Ramirez. The hosts also chime in on the Grammys and are joined by one of our favorite guest co-hosts Lis.

Also, Orie sees his childhood hopes dashed as they discuss Ricky Martin’s fiance, leading to a discussion of hot celebrities. Not to mention, the shows.

Take a listen to our full stream with music from Leontyne Price, Cher, Ultra Nate and more on mixcloud below.

You can also hear the talk-only version by clicking the player below.

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  On the series premiere of Last Queer Frontier we answer the age old question: What’s life like for a Gay Alaskan?  After a brief introduction of our co-hosts, we discuss what it’s like to…

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On this episode of The Mics of The BrownTable, we discuss the upcoming National Prisoner Strike with Michael Alexander, member of the Bend the Bars Organizing Committee in Columbus, Ohio. We also discuss Derrick L. Middleton’s documentary trailer, “Shape Up: Gay in the Black Barbershop” which deals with the hypermasculine and sometimes homophobic/misogynistic atmosphere of the black barbershop. And finally we end the evening with a discussion on the entertainment industry and how it profits off the rape, murder, and torture of women. Recorded live in studio August 11, 2016.


Find out more info about the National Prionser Strike, and the workshops and rallies hosted by Bend the Bars Columbus, at www.bendthebars.noblogs.org/

Trailer Shape Up_ Gay in the Black Barbershop-HD from Derrick L. Middleton on Vimeo.


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Brooklyn Pride wouldn’t be a festival without its music, and we talked to two of the stars rocking Saturday’s show, Melli B and Cicely O’Kain. Melli B joined us for the second half of the show…