Queer State of Mind ep 401-2

Part 2 of of our RFB Season 5 debut gets into some of our favorite shows, but not all of the cohosts can agree.

Plus, one of our favorite guests Lis Stevens joins us in the studio to update us on her new album, her perspective on the first few months of President Trump, and shares some of her horror dating stories.

Stream the second hour of the show on Mixcloud, complete with music from Janet Jackson.


 And, check out the talk-only version below.

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We have a full house for our Season 5 premiere, including our favorite guest Lis and guest co-host Jose, and a special visit from Saidue’s sister in law.

RompHims have caused a commotion on the internet, but the co-hosts have their own opinion on the latest “fashion trend.”

Plus, RENT is coming to FOX, but the co-hosts aren’t sure if that’s such a good idea. Tune in to hear what they have to say, complete with music from Janet Jackson in the Mixcloud player below.

Or, click play on the link below to listen to the talk-only version of Episode #401 part 1.

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Saidue and Orie have reached unmentionable ages and are celebrating with a long mix of music. Saidue and friends join from Chicago and the girls talk politics and more in this special music show.

Check out the full music mix on mixcloud below.

Or, click the player for the talk only version of the show.

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The girls go in a lot on this episode – from Trump to the Cover Boy, to Real O’Neal’s bisexual faux-pas getting called out by former Grey’s star Sara Ramirez. The hosts also chime in on the Grammys and are joined by one of our favorite guest co-hosts Lis.

Also, Orie sees his childhood hopes dashed as they discuss Ricky Martin’s fiance, leading to a discussion of hot celebrities. Not to mention, the shows.

Take a listen to our full stream with music from Leontyne Price, Cher, Ultra Nate and more on mixcloud below.

You can also hear the talk-only version by clicking the player below.

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Join the co-hosts for their Brooklyn Brunch party, hosted by our dear friend in Crown Heights. Orie and Deron hold it down from the Bushwick studio while Justin, Saidue and other special guests talk about the latest.

And, we had an extended sance music playlist to keep the party going. Check that out on the mixcloud stream below.

And click the podcast link to stream the talk-only version of the podcast.

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Queer State of Mind turned one this week, and we celebrated by taking the week off and enjoying Friendsgiving leftovers. But, we put together clips from some of our best segments and interviews this year.

Take a listen to our first show on the air, where we talk about the 2015 holiday phenomenon Patti’s Sweet Potato Pie and the viral clip that put the pie sales off the charts.

And, if you live in the city, you know that sometimes the subways aren’t your friend. Co-host Orie was tardy for the show and Saidue and Justin held it down with a candid conversation on online dating.

Plus we take a listen back to our queers on the mic special edition with former co-hosts Chinwe and Terron, and our favorite interviews with fabulous NYC performers Melli B, Chris Harder and Sir Honey Davenport, Robbyne Kaamil and Richie Bee and Peter Savad from Deitre.


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…So that happened.

No way around it. Say hello to (small gagging noise) President Elect Donald Trump.

Grab a seat and pop open that champagne you were saving for Hillary’s inevitable victory, and let’s talk election night. Our hosts mull over the pain of watching Hillary’s defeat from the swing state of Ohio, the shade emerging in the path of the election’s destruction, and what this means for the social justice movement going forward.

Beyond that, our hosts attempt to cool it down a bit, taking down the other important questions facing American society, such as, “Who the hell came up with the idea to gentrify collard greens?” Apparently, Neiman Marcus found someone to make them a bunch to sell at $66, and they sold completely out. Thanks to The Root, we didn’t have to try them ourselves, but we take a listen to their hilarious video and laughed right along with them.

And a deep examination of, “Is there ever really a good time to carry a douche with you on the train?”

Joining us for the brunchtime shade is our good friend Micah, whose own political aspirations might have him on the campaign trail someday soon back home in Arizona.


Turn that sound up, girl, and let us be your cure for the post-election blues. And, don’t worry, The Resistance is mounting.

Click the play button on the player below to play the podcast (no music).

And play the full show complete with music featuring our vocal master Tori Amos on Mixcloud by clicking play on the Mixcloud player below.

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Take a deep breath and say it with us: President. Donald. Trump.

Join our hosts as they comment – and commiserate – on the election results that some saw coming, but few outspokenly anticipated. We discuss the pain of watching Hillary’s chances fall from Ohio, the “Becky on Becky shade” emerging from the rubble, and the results that validated what many in the social justice community felt all along.

There are fewer than three months until Inauguration Day, and like many Americans, we still have questions.  Where do we go next? Have we reached, as Orie put it, “Peak fucking ignorance”? And will this be a wake-up call for those who’ve ignored or rationalized the problems that fueled the rise of Trump? Or will people continue to bury their heads in the sand? Grab some tea (or a cocktail), take a seat, and embrace the truth, pettiness and shade that are the only remedies for this disaster of an election.

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