Take a deep breath and say it with us: President. Donald. Trump.

Join our hosts as they comment – and commiserate – on the election results that some saw coming, but few outspokenly anticipated. We discuss the pain of watching Hillary’s chances fall from Ohio, the “Becky on Becky shade” emerging from the rubble, and the results that validated what many in the social justice community felt all along.

There are fewer than three months until Inauguration Day, and like many Americans, we still have questions.  Where do we go next? Have we reached, as Orie put it, “Peak fucking ignorance”? And will this be a wake-up call for those who’ve ignored or rationalized the problems that fueled the rise of Trump? Or will people continue to bury their heads in the sand? Grab some tea (or a cocktail), take a seat, and embrace the truth, pettiness and shade that are the only remedies for this disaster of an election.

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