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On this episode of The Mics of The BrownTable, we discuss the upcoming National Prisoner Strike with Michael Alexander, member of the Bend the Bars Organizing Committee in Columbus, Ohio. We also discuss Derrick L. Middleton’s documentary trailer, “Shape Up: Gay in the Black Barbershop” which deals with the hypermasculine and sometimes homophobic/misogynistic atmosphere of the black barbershop. And finally we end the evening with a discussion on the entertainment industry and how it profits off the rape, murder, and torture of women. Recorded live in studio August 11, 2016.


Find out more info about the National Prionser Strike, and the workshops and rallies hosted by Bend the Bars Columbus, at www.bendthebars.noblogs.org/

Trailer Shape Up_ Gay in the Black Barbershop-HD from Derrick L. Middleton on Vimeo.


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