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April 8, 2016

Dear QM Kids:

QMR - Podcast

Hey y’all, Orie here. It’s been a while since we’ve posted on our blog so I thought I would reach out and let everyone know what’s going on with Queer Minded. We’ve hit some bumps, and a milestone, and I thought I would share.

Since SaRea and I relocated in separate parts of the country, leaving James to head up the Columbus office, we’ve been conspiring on ways to keep the project going and expand into new territory. And, with the expansion of Queer State of Mind and the Brown Table we’ve added to our crew. It’s been an interesting ride so far – and we’ve tried (and failed) at a lot. When you’re a small team of volunteers (all with full-time jobs) for an organization with big goals, everything is an experiment. Sometimes it’s a wonder we even have shows on the air and a website that’s up and running (believe me, it’s harder than any of us thought).

Today, I logged into the blog to get it updated (we’ve had a LOT going on, and posts or feeds haven’t been as current as they should, we’re sorry for that) and noticed one thing. We hit 3,000 unique downloads this month. Since we started tracking in 2015, 3,000 episodes of our shows have been loaded to iPhones, tablets, transmitted through RSS feeds and streamed all across the world. Now, let’s not get it twisted…the big shows get that in a day or for an episode. But for the little QPOC network from around the way, that meant something.

QueerMinded Radio Network is a passion project. We don’t make money; In fact, we pay – studio fees, website hosting, etc…we do it because we love it and we dreamed of it, and we were able to bring it to life. It began as a show that just wanted to provide an opportunity for more voices to reach the airwaves, an opportunity for our founders Dwayne and Deo to contribute an LGBTQ perspective to a new network. And then, we decided to try to bring it to anyone who would listen – and create a model for expansion to help our communities across the country.

Each week, our hosts connect with listeners on topics big and small, silly and serious and everything in between.  We live in a world where you can talk about being queer, or being trans, and/or being black and be reasonably open. That doesn’t mean that we live in a world where you can be queer or trans or black and be reasonably open. Despite that long road ahead, the future is bright for us, and for QueerMinded. But we need your help so that we can reach our true potential – connecting queer people of Color around the world, lifting and amplifying voices and contributing to the conversations and decisions that affect our lives. So that we all can be free to be.

To help us in our mission – we ask three very important things. If you like our work – Download. Share. Engage. Download our podcast to your favorite device. Share us with your friends, especially if they are Trans or Queer people of Color. And engage with us. Tell us what you think about our shows, our posts, and what you would like to see more of. We’re also looking to add new voices to our shows to represent all the communities we can, so if that sounds like something your down for – let us know!

We have some exciting things coming up, and we want everyone to be a part. New shows, new projects and more – so stay tuned!

Love, O


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