Hot Topics & The Importance of Black* W/ The Mics of The BrownTable – 02/17/2016

February 20, 2016

IMG_20160218_21041712745908_476949105849173_3881175414199414243_nOn this edition of The BrownTable we discuss hot topics and let our panel share their own unique perspectives on what’s happening in politics and pop culture.  And we also discuss the importance of Black History Month, #BlackLivesMatter, The Black Panthers, and Black Pride.  Joining us in studio, Orie Givens from Original Flavor QueerMinded & Brandon C. Chapman representing Traxx Columbus.  Brandon’s here to join us for hot topics, but also to tell us all about  King Brickz Entermantint and Traxx Columbus’ Takeover Weekend at Lucky’s on S. Hamilton Rd.  See you all at the Ball Saturday.  Recorded live in studio February 18, 2016.




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