We Baaaaack!!!! w/ The Police Ain’t Shit & Happy 2 B Nappy @ The Mics of The BrownTable – 12/03/15

December 4, 2015




    So… in the couple of weeks that we have been away, there has been a lot going on and a lot of new information has come out about those who are paid to assault and intimidate protect and serve….  But basically… to sum it up…  #ThePoliceAintShit  As we will discuss in our new segment… The Police Ain’t Shit. There was a police chief in Pennsylvania fired over using “Niggas” in an email, another officer charged with targeting black women for sexual assault received an all white jury, new leaked documents reveal cops in Alabama planted weapons and drugs on young black men for over a decade, and LaQuan Mcdonald… Need I say more.  Also we have Ericka Smith and LaDonna Edwards joining us today to talk about the joys of natural hair.


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