Where has QueerMinded been?: LGBT People of Color Centered News & Talk Expands With The Brown Table, Queer State of Mind, QueerMinded Radio Network

October 27, 2015

You might have wondered where we’ve been over the past few months – it’s been an interesting and exciting story! This is an episode from September 2015 that tells you more about the future of QueerMinded.


Your cohosts Orie & SaRea left their hometowns to take on new career adventures. SaRea relocated down south to North Carolina, and Orie is now in New York City. But, don’t worry because QueerMinded lives on! And, it’s gonna even bigger and better than ever.

The QueerMinded live show and podcast produced by Talktainment Radio ended in September, and moved to New York City with Orie. He’ll be revamping the show and launching QueerMinded America in November. QueerMinded America will bring you the news, interviews and discussions that have been a huge part of QueerMinded since it began with Deo and Dwayne in 2012.  You’ll also hear QueerMinded News with Orie Givens weekly, available on your favorite podcast network or in Queer Minded Radio Network shows across the country.

In Columbus, you will get your Queer news and talk from new show The Brown Table, hosted by Columbus’ own James Purtue and Cameron Scott, as well as a rotating cast of characters from Columbus queer people of color communities. This weekly show produced by Talktainment is all about issues and entertainment from the local QPOC lens, and features lively chats about pop culture, race and identity, politics, queerness and more. They’ve already started airing in the old QueerMinded timeslot, available online at 8pm Thursdays on Talktainment, and in podcast right on our website.

In New York, Orie is going to also launch a local radio show on Radio Free Brooklyn, based out of Bushwick. Queer State of Mind debuts this November, and will feature fabulous queer personalities from across the tri-state area, and will focus on all the news and T the city has to offer. Plus, we’ll bring features, interviews and event news for all the queer people of color focused events

And SaRea isn’t going away! She plans to start her own show focused on queer-identified women of color in her new home in North Carolina. More details on that to come.
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For now, take a listen to the final QueerMinded show in it’s old form, and get ready for the new QueerMinded, and the QueerMinded Radio Network coming in November!



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