Pamela Means – Queer Voices and Sounds of Color- QueerMinded #QVOC 6/11/15

June 20, 2015
Musician Pamela Means brings queer-powered soul to fans. Photo from

Musician Pamela Means brings queer-powered soul to fans. Photo from

“When we speak our truths, it just by default becomes a political statement because it’s not the mainstream that’s saying it.” – Pamela Means


Massachusetts-based Pamela Means joins us for the final part of the program to discuss her music and experiences as a queer musician.

Means is a super soulful and talented artist who performs inspired music around the world talking about issues important to our experience. One of her latest songs, “The Color of His Skin”  Means wrote as a way to cope with the feelings after the grand jury in Ferguson, Mo. did not indict the officer who killed Michael Brown Jr.

“I think it’s really on a personal level, feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, despair, ho

pe, and needing to vent and work through the spectrum of emotions that come up. And, fortunately, music has been an outlet and a tool for me to do that.”

Means said that thought her music might have political messages and be about social issues, which she stands behind, but she doesn’t set out to necessarily do so.

“I don’t really wake up and think ‘oh i’m gonna write a song about this social issue’, said Means. I don’t intend to be ‘political’, I intend to be truthful.”

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