Cakes Da Killa and Jupiter Gray – Queer Voices and Sounds of Color- QueerMinded #QVOC 6/11/15

June 13, 2015

“I feel that gay artists are just filling a gap that was once there when I was younger,  when there was variety ,when artists had different sounds. Now gay artists are adding that spice, that is much appreciated.” – Cakes Da Killa

On this episode of QueerMinded, we had the pleasure of being joined by Jupiter Gray & Cakes Da Killa to help us celebrate Queer Sounds of Color as part of our ongoing Queer Voices of Color Series.

“Gully & Cunt”  Straight outta the mouth of a killa.  Cakes Da Killa describing his music. Today we are joined by Cakes and another hot young local MC on the rise Jupiter Gray. These hot rappers talk with us about being queer in this industry along with the homophobia, or lack there of,  that comes along with being openly gay in hip hop.


“Homophobia to me isn’t real, we are seeing gay people doing the same things that were once done only by straight people and I believe they are intimidated by that”.   Jupiter Gray when asked his opinion on openly gay artists coming out in the hip hop industry.

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