Legendary Stonewall, Police Seeking Suspect in Hate Crime, Chick-fil-a partners up with Pride, Trans* Flag in Philly,Barnard Women Now Accepts Transwomen- QueerMinded National News 6/4/15

June 8, 2015
Image via www.etsy.com

Image via www.etsy.com

This week Queerminded takes a look at the new city codes in Long Island, the historical Stonewall Inn, and Trans* flag hanging high in Philadelphia, and much more queer news around the nation. Originally broadcast June 4th ,2015 on QueerMinded .


City Codes To Protect Transgender Workers In Long Island

The town board of North Hempstead Long Island has voted to change their city code to protect transgender workers. North Hempstead is located in Nassau county that currently has no gender identity protections, unlike its surrounding counties including New York and Suffolk.There is also a bill before the New York state legislature which would protect residents from discrimination based on gender identity .Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth said the change is necessary “so that it does cover everyone that it was intended to cover.” The law will also apply to employees of businesses under contract with the town.

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Police Seek Suspect Who Pushed Transgender Woman Onto Subway Tracks

New York city police are looking for a suspect in a suspected hate crime against a transgender woman in the city’s greenwich village neighborhood. The attack occurred when the 28-year old victim was waiting for a local train. the attacker, whose images were caught in security video, allegedly verbally accosted the victim and then pushed her onto the tracks from behind. The woman was able to be lifted off the tracks by other passengers and the alleged perpetrator has still not been found. New York has issued a monetary reward for information leading to identification of the assailant.

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The Stonewall Inn could be officially a landmark soon

Regarded to be the birthplace of the LGBT rights movement, the Stonewall Inn has been formally considered for landmark status by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation’s Executive Director, Andrew Berman said: “Today’s vote is a welcome and long overdue step forward in recognizing and preserving a tremendously important piece of our history. The iconic venue has been threatened with closure in recent years, and it is hoped that the listing will help protect it.

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Iowa City Pride festival has found an unlikely partner.

Chick fil a, will donate sandwiches to the festival,  the owner of the Chick-fil-a franchise in Coralville Iowa was approached about ways to help after some in the community took issue with a Chick fil a sponsorship. The national chick fil a organization’s, COO  Dan Cathy spoke out many times against same-sex marriage, and the charitable arm of chick-fil a has donated funds to anti marriage initiatives across the country. Despite national’s actions, the Chick fil a, franchise owner told the pride committee in Iowa city that he was all for helping to build community.

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From New York Times

Barnard College All Women’s Institution Will Accept Transgender Women

The university announced the decision this week made by the Columbia University -backed college. The change will take effect for applicants for autumn 2016. The new policy, which the board of trustees approved on Wednesday, welcomes applicants who “consistently live and identify as women, regardless of the gender assigned to them at birth.” Students who enter as female and then transition to male while at Barnard will be able to stay at the college and receive a Barnard degree.

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From Advocate

Trans Pride Flag Hanging High In Philadelphia

Philadelphia makes news by flying the trans pride, flag for the first time ever in celebration of the start of it’s annual transgender health conference.The iconic pink, white and blue flag is flying at Philadelphia city hall and will be seen through the end of the conference. Organizers hope the raising of the flag  will become an annual event in a city that has seen it’s share of anti-trans violence. Including most recently London Kiki Chanel who was murdered in North Philadelphia, allegedly by the boyfriend of her friend – Chanel’s death marks the eighth reported murder of a trans woman this week.

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