Shame On a Local Kenya Newspaper for Homophobic Front Page Spread,Hate Crime Claims The Life Of 4 Trans Women in Pakistan, Swedish Activists Take A New Approach Against Homophobia – Queerminded World News Brief 05/14/2015

May 16, 2015

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A Kenyan tabloid is under fire with LGBTQ activist for publishing a newspaper with the “Top Gays and Lesbians List In Kenya Out” stamped on the front page, Hate crime in Pakistan has claimed the life of four trans* women and Swedish activists are determined to stand against homophobia and military aggression in a new way. Here’s a peek at the queer news stories from the original live broadcast live Thursday May, 14th 2015 on QueerMinded.

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The shameful front page of the Kenyan Newspaper was published by the weekly newspaper “Weekly Citizen”

The paper published a headline with the quote “Top Gays and Lesbians List In Kenya Out”.  According to activists, shaming of LGBT people in the media is not as new as it seems. Recent cases in Uganda are documented, and in Egypt a raid on a alleged was broadcast on Egyptian television. With this recent incident, activist George Barasa said in the article “It won’t stop us from fighting for our rights.” Read more on this story at ADVOCATE 

Mysterious Murders of Four Trans Women in Pakistan

Dawn, a Pakistani news site reported the death of Almaroof Bijli, a trans* women who was found mutilated and burned on May 5, 2015.Three days later, an alleged hate-related drive by shooting claimed the lives of three other trans women. International trans* activists are saying violence against trans* women is an epidemic. This year, nine trans* women have fallen victim to hate crime, most of them being women of Color.  To read more of this story visit ADVOCATE 


Welcome to Sweden, Gay Since 1944

Swedish activists have taken a new approach against homophobia and military aggression, with a blinking neon sailor sign. Activists placed a sign reading “Welcome to Sweden” underwater in the Baltic Sea along with “Welcome to Sweden, Gay Since 1944” in English, the year Sweden decriminalized homosexuality. The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society placed the sailor in response to a increase in Swedish military presence in the Baltic Sea. Advocates want the sign to urge the Swedish government to think of new ways of defense.  Read more on this story at PINKNEWS   

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