MusiQueer! – QueerMinded 9/25/2014

September 27, 2014

Hello Queer World!

SKURT is a Dayton, Ohio Queer band.

SKURT is a Dayton, Ohio Queer band. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

This episode includes an interview with founder Lynn Casper of the website Homoground, a queer-oriented music podcast and website. She’ll tell us what it’s like to promote and find queer artists, and give us some great suggestions on queer music you’ll love.This week, co-hosts Orie, SaRea and Brandon explored queer music and packed the show with great queer artists!

We also talked to Ash from the Dayton, Ohio band SKURT. Their homoerotic rock music will make you dance the night away, and Ash gives us the info on being a queer musician.

Follow the link to listen to our MusiQueer episode. 

And here are links to our music from this week!

Splashin’ Safari

Join us next week for Queers on the Mic!

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